Terms of Service

Job Seeker/ Candidates

1.Member ship plan starting with Rs. 500/- (Rupees five hundred only)

2.Member ship Fee not refundable.

3. Membership valid from the date of payment 

4. We have the privilege to edit/delete your informations without notifying you.
5. We are responsible only in directing you to the employer and once you joined in service, all the other dealings shall be on the behalf of the employer
6. You have no privilege to substitute another candidate to the vacancy you are proposed to. Otherwise the registration stands cancelled. 
7. In some cases service charges will be taken from the candidate prior to appointment.
8.We are not responsible for any personal/financial losses/damages  incurring to you while you are registered with us.

9. Authenticity of the job should be verified by the candidate and risk arising part of the candidate/Employer  if any should be taken solely by the candidate.

Company/ Employers 

1 Registration of your company with the website will be activated after confirming the information submitted with us.
2 Employer is liable to pay the service charge for using our services. No charges is applicable for searching candidate or posting Job up  5 Nos. If you want to get candiate details intimatehr.com then you upgrage your member ship plan to premium 
3 Authenticity of the candidate's resume should be verified a the time of interview with the candidate. Intimate HR Consultancy does not take any responsibility in the authenticity of the candidate's resume registered with us.
4 Validity for your posted vacancies will be for minimum 1 month. If you would like to extent the validity of  posted jobs;You cand ugrade your member ship plan.
5 Any disputes arising will be subjected to Malappuram Jurisdiction only. 

6.We have the privilege to  edit/delete the information provided by you without notifying you.

7.We are not liable for any personal / financial /other loses occuring to you while you are registered with us.